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Bass Keyboards Guitar Wah

Bass Keyboards Guitar Wah

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ChiWahWah for Bass, Keyboards, and Guitar


Tone stack is specifically optimized for bass guitar frequencies. This pedal works very well with guitar, keyboards, and bass. For guitarist, this tone stack provides more growl and bottom than our standard wah pedal at lower frequencies.

Featuring: Optical wah operation allows for lifelong operation without mechanical failure or potentiometer crackle.
Auto On/Off switching. 3 Responsive Controls for Level, Contour Q, Gain. Fits into Boss style pedal boards including BCB-60 

For product videos and or more sound settings please see our product demo videos
Plutoneium ChiWahWah Owner's Manual.PDF [Download]

"The hand-built Chi-Wah-Wah Bass has been designed and built with the same philosophy that guided that of the original Chi-Wah-Wah for guitar - that is, to provide the best sonic capability available using a completely original 100% analog signal path, within a compact armored housing that will take up the space of only a single standard-sized effects pedal, with an actuation designed to free you to spontaneously express yourself through your music.The Chi-Wah-Wah Bass’s diminutive size allows you to mount it on your pedal board yet leave space for even more different effects giving you maximum sonic freedom, whereas traditionally designed Wah pedals take between two and four times the space of a standard effects unit, depriving you of additional effect options, or forcing you to inconveniently position your Wah ‘off board’. In addition, the Chi-Wah-Wah Bass features Wah On DemandTM – i.e. you just tread on it to turn on the Wah effect immediately without having to switch it on first using the old-fashioned toe-down position."

Proudly Assembled in the USA!
• For Bass, Keyboards, and Guitar. Bitchin' bottom end growl.
• Ultra low noise buffered output.
• Long Battery Life with Alkaline 9 Volt Battery Included
• Super Compact design - fits easily in small effects boards (Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board)
• Wah On Demand – tread on to turn on.Inductor-based resonant Wah circuit with 100% analog signal path.
• Soft transition switching between bypass and Wah effect.
• Fully buffered bypass mode, ultra low THD + N (total harmonicdistortion plus noise).
• Switchless optical actuation design – more durable than mechanical switched designs.
• Armored 1.5mm high strength rolled steel custom housingconstruction with tough powder coat.
• Military spec electronic components. Specifications Dimensions Length 133mm (5.24”) Width 72mm (2.83”) Height 59mm (2.32”) Weight 625g (1.38lb) without battery 
• Controls Level, Contour, Gain Indicators Power, Wah Current draw 35mA (9V DC) Frequency Range 50Hz 2.2KHz (Maximum gain) THD+N <.05% @ 1KHZ in bypass mode

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